Atheros AR5007EG – Bad WLAN performance

A friend bought a new Toshiba Satellite L40 laptop which came with Windows Vista preinstalled. The wireless connection (via the built in Atheros AR5007EG card) was very unstable and sometimes unable to connect to the access point. When connected internet speed was very slow, sometimes unable to open pages at all. First we tried replacing the preinstalled Toshiba drivers with the latest from the Toshiba site and later on the most recent from Atheros (which can be found here).  Both drivers didn’t improve the speed.  

To fix the speed issue:
Update the driver to v7.3.1.109 v1.15, you can find it here.
Mirror: Atheros Driver (22677)

To improve stability and fix the connection issues:
Install the hotfixes below from Microsoft addressing WLAN issues with Vista:

You cannot connect to a wireless network on a Windows Vista-based computer
Windows Vista incorrectly detects the miniport edge of PassThru as a WLAN adapter when you use the PassThru Intermediate Driver from the Windows Driver Kit
Several problems occur on a Windows Vista-based computer when you work in a wireless network environment

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  1. The link to the driver seems to be dead. I’ve put it up a mirror on my site (link is added in the article)

  2. I just saw this article. I bought a Toshiba Satego X200-21L and found these web pages which provides the needed drivers. It contains the newest Intel and Atheros driver. Since I am new to WLAN techniques I do not know whats good or bad speed for a WLAN. I tested my WLAN with an FTP and got around 2,3mb/s – im using INTEL WLAN. (very good signal quality) Is that ok?

    Here are the downloads:
    And this page shows how to get information about the WLAN:

  3. Chris, the speed with the original Atheros drivers I tested were so bad, they didn’t get near your results. So don’t worry, your speeds look fine to me. Offcourse you can always compare LAN and WLAN speeds.

  4. i have the same problem + that the wireless signal drops dead while downloading at high speeds. I’m hopeing that what u said will solve my problem.

  5. I supposed with this article,I bought the Benq R56-LM21 with these WLAN and now so realy bad.

    Problem i found
    1.unstable to connect Access Point don’t lose signal but cannot PING Access point,and ad hoc network found this problem too

  6. Is is an Atheros problem or a Vista Problem? I am downloading Vista SP1 at the moment and hope it resolves some problems on the wireless issue.

  7. how can i install these drivers? it automatically extracts it somewhere in appdata/temp something like that is it where it should go?

  8. Go to device manager, select your WLAN card, right click and select Update Driver. Point it to the location where you extracted the files. Ignore any warning about the driver not being signed…

  9. Remko je bent een held ! Na 2 slapeloze nachten is het probleem eindelijk opgelost. Die 100kb/s was echt niet normaal.

  10. For others who are hitting this problem, Vista SP1 contains all the hotfixes which are mentioned by Remko.

  11. i had the same problems with my atheros card and while the corporation says the solution is the updated driver I found that all the updates simply recreated the problem. The only true fix to this problem ( as I’ve found) is to Complete the uninstall via the windows update tool. and remember to change your update settings so that you can maually selct which updates to install. Counter-intuitive I know but after doing so I never lose signal and get steady dl rates of 15Mb +. It works.

  12. sorry i realized i lost part of my comment above. what i was trying to say is to make sure to delete (unistall) all the installed atheros updates. Do this via the windows update tool. take it back to factory and you’ll lose the problems. and hey whyfix that which is not broken to begin with.?

  13. one ast bit of crucial info. I began with a new acer 4720z running vista (32, home prem.) w/ ar5007eg. and to clarify the first auto update is what caused the problem for me. my machine w/ atheros card worked great out of the box. it only went south after the 1st update. I’ve tested subsequent updates, and on my machine, each one results in the same problem. Uninstalling past updates and preventing future ones was my solution. great speeds and no loss of connectiviy since. sorry to piece mail that one.

  14. You left me all confused…
    I’m suffering from the same problems on my LG laptop (with Vista). Should I upgrade the driver? install SP1? return it back? please help..

  15. Hi all.

    Allrighty listen.

    the speed issue has nothing to do with the drivers.

    this is your solution:

    1) Make a restore point on your laptop
    2) Download updated Bios for your machine
    3) Install the new Bios and reboot

    Offcourse its allways smart using updated drivers, but if they dont “talk” properly to the Bios, its no good.

    This solution was used on my 2 Toshiba Sattelite Laptops and I went from app. 2/2 Mbit to 16/20 after the Bios flashing

  16. Hello

    I have a Satellite L40-15B but it seems to have a realtek card. Problem is I don’t get a connection on wifi, but everything seems ok. I’ve installed the Bios-update, latest drivers and Vista updates. Network light is on, network switch is on, and yesterday everything worked well. I had this problem also when I bought the laptop but thought I solved it. Not!

    Anyone any idea what to do next? (by the way network is ok other wifi laptop works fine)



  17. Hi All,

    I have the exact same problem as Albert. I bought a Acer Aspire 5050 a few months back an last week we setup a WLAN network, all laptops except mine could connect to the network immediately since we didn’t give any specific WEP key. My laptop could identify the network but was neither able to ping the Access Point nor was it able to get an IP(DHCP was enabled) from it. I figured the problem might be because of the Anti Virus blocking network traffic, I had McAfee installed at that time. As soon as I uninstalled McAfee I could connect to the network. But after using it for the last two days with good speed, I am again getting the same problem since today morning. No antivirus is currently installed and I have tried with all the drivers available at atheros site and acer site, I am using windows XP SP2.

    Please suggest what can be done to solve this problem once and for all.


  18. Abhik and maybe Albert too: often WLAN cards come with drivers that use their own software to make the connection to the Access Point (realtek does for sure). My experience is that using the windows configuration for this works (better). You have to start the Wireless Zero Configuration Service for this and indicate in the realtek tool that you wish to use windows configuration (not sure what the exact name of the option is).

  19. I have a problem with XP drivers for X200 PDEE 21U

    anyone here could help me out?

  20. I bought a Toshiba Satellite A200-JA108C on 15 Jul 08. As soon as I started it, it had aproblem with the wireless connection. All of the problems I see described on these posts occurred, especially “drops” of the wireless connection for several hours and then it returning without any obvious reason.

    I called Toshiba Help. They lead me through the install of an updated BIOS (2.40). So far it i stable (24 hrs)

    Hope this might be helpful to someone.

  21. i bought an acer aspire 4715Z with wLan atheros AR5007EG card, but the performance was very good for long ours (usually i used it 12 ours a day), and i’m the one who can still connect to the access point when no one in my class can detect the access point…

  22. Seems u guys got problem on AR5007EG card, somehow, i got no problem using this card to connect to internet, and my download speed up to 180kbps, the laptop that i use is F80s from Asus.

    Here i provide some of the links to get your card function normally :

    Recently, Microsoft have some updates on AR5007EG card :

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  24. HEy klnswp. . . .you said. . .”Uninstalling past updates and preventing future ones was my solution. great speeds and no loss of connectiviy since. sorry to piece mail that one. . .”

    OK but how does one “uninstall past updates”???

    As my Wifi was great until MS decided to update and than sic since! NO MORE auto updates from silly billy bunch!

    Thanks for a reply!

  25. Hey,

    I found one driver in Drivers folder athr.sys but I couldn’t see any others???????


  26. I’ve updated my drivers,
    but i need to say.. this are not the drivers for 5007ag,
    this are drivers for the 5006! has the most recent and best drivers for the 5007ag (or any other atheros card)

  27. HI guys I’ve toshiba L40 and I want to update for the BIOS
    is there anything we can do to update manual(without added to windows)

  28. I found the same problem with a friends laptop an a 20mg line only speed was gettin was not even 1mg and upload really slow, took me ages to figure it out, in the end it was the bios what needs updating and the updated driver.

  29. I was having a weak signal problem with my Atheros 5007 EG wireless adapter, so i went to device manager and uninstalled the device without removing the driver, then rebooted. Upon reboot the device reinstalled and the signal had gone back up.

  30. I have an acer aspire zg5 netbook running 32 bit XP service pack 3 with the Atheros AR5007EG adaptor, and it has sudenly stopped working. I’ve had the netbook for about three years. The connection cuts out, and when I turn it off at the small switch on the side of my computer, I have to press the switch four times or so to get it to turn back on again. We have another netbook, same model, hardware, and adaptor, and neither will connect to our new linksys WAG120N wireless router, yet our new HP laptop (I don’t know what brand the adaptor is) and our Compaq laptop (dubbed “The Brick”, due to the fact we purchased it new in 2001), with a DSE usb wireless adaptor, both connect fine. Any ideas on how to fix this? I’ve spent the last month doing everything but send it back to the manufacturer. >:(