The upcoming Vista SP1 promises 3 new Terminal Server API functions:

If you look in the Windows 2008 beta you can see that the functions are already implemented (in WtsApi32.dll):

Windows 2008 WtsApi32.dll Exports

But as you might know Wtsapi32 is just a bunch of wrappers around the actual API’s. If we take a look at (delayed) import sections we can see where the actual API’s are:

Windows 2008 WtsApi32.dll Imports

So in fact, nothing has changed! These API’s are in Winsta.dll since Windows 2000 but were (as everything else in Winsta.dll) never documented. Why? Maybe because the Terminal Server API was inherited from Citrix? If you know more about the reason let me know!

Oh I’d almost forget… If you can’t wait until SP1 to use shadowing in Vista why not use the commandline shadow tool I made for this article?


WTSShadow Screenshot 1

WTSShadow Screenshot 2 (3694 downloads )

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