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Query Active Directory from Excel

I had to lookup some users in Active Directory today which I received by mail. Offcourse I got full users name while I needed either samAccountName or full adsPath. Usually I write a small VBS script to do the lookup and paste this in Excel for further processing. But today I decided that an Excel function to do the lookup would be nice. So I wrote it.

The function is called GetAdsProp and allows you to search on a specific AD field in the whole AD tree and return the value of another field.


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  • Google adds IMAP support to GMail

    Google has added imap support to GMail. This means you can use an e-mail client like Outlook (Express) to read your mail but you don’t have to download and store them locally. Read more here. The Storage Limit has been raised to 4 GB (at time of writing 4569 MB)