Several of Microsoft’s Terminal Server tools use undocumented API’s from Utildll.dll. For instance Terminal Server Admin uses it to get a localised connect state string and to format time strings like idle time, logon time etc.

Functions below seems to be the most usefull ones, I will add those to the JwaWinsta unit:

  • function StrConnectState (returns localised string of the given ConnectState)
  • DateTimeString (returns formatted date timestring according to user’s timesettings)
  • function CurrentDateTimeString (like the name says)
  • function ElapsedTimeString (returns formatted string with elapsed time as in TSAdmin)
  • function CalculateElapsedTime (returns elapsed time in seconds)
  • function CalculateDiffTime (returns time difference in seconds)
  • function GetUnknownString (returns localised “unknown” string)

Citrix has it’s own version of this DLL called CUtildll.dll which is similar but uses (Citrix) MUI for localising strings.