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Microsoft Tech-Ed IT Professionals 2008

So I will be attending the Tech-Ed EMEA in Barcelona, maybe some of you are going too?

It would be nice to meet some of my readers, so maybe I’ll see you there!
Join Me at Tech·Ed EMEA Connect for IT Professionals!

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  • Application crashes while opening helpfile

    I had an application that crashed when opening the Help Topics entry from the Help menu. A trace with Process Monitor showed that it was opening a help (.chm) file. Using Explorer I could normally open the Helpfile so thas was strange. Process Monitor did not reveil any ACCESS_DENIED or other problems.

    I did notice that ieframe.dll was being accessed several times and some further debugging revealed that a dll in the application directory was loaded (psapi.dll). This is strange because psapi.dll resided in the windows\system32 folder normally. Also the copy in the application directory was an old version (4.0.1371.1).


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  • Well it took some time but I patched Terminal Server for Windows 2008 to allow unlimited sessions in Remote Administration mode.

    This patch is for 32 bit English version. In order to install it you need to perform the steps below. Before you start please check if using this patch is allowed according to your country’s law and your license agreement.