One of the side effects of using sysprep to prepare an image is that drive letter assignments are reset to default. This behaviour is documented in a knowledge base article.

I previously solved this by running a diskpart script but that needed a custom script for each system (if the disk or partition order differs the script needed to be adjusted). So I needed to run a restore with sysprep determine the drive layout after sysprep, change the script, test by restoring again. So I wrote a commandline tool that can change a drive letter assignment based on the volume label.

eg. the partition with the Apps label is assigned D and the partition with the label Profiles is assigned E and so on.

This the syntax:

ChDrvLetter LABEL Letter

ChDrvLetter DATA D

You cannot change the drive letter for the boot/system partition.
LABEL is case insensitive and the first match is used.

ChDrvLetter DELETEONLY Letter can be used to delete a drive letter
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