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As you know, many kernel32.dll functions, which are working with named objects, like OpenEvent, can be used to work with global and local objects. So what are global and local objects? Global objects are created in session 0 and are actually located in the \BaseNamedObjects directory, while local objects are created in the caller’s session (for example in the \Sessions\5\BaseNamedObjects directory (for session 0, global and local has no meaning since they point to the same object)). MSDN says that you can access only the objects in your own session(via the Local\ prefix) and in session 0 (via the Global\ prefix). But what if you need to access an object in another session? (more…)

In part 1 I’ve showed how to get rid of some terminal server restrictions on Windows xp x64. But there are still some problems:

1) You cannot connect to the localhost ( (but can to 127.a.b.c, where a,b,c in [0..255] (except and

When you’re connecting to remote server, Remote Desktop Connection (mstsc.exe) checks through mtscax.dll that you’re connecting to your own address, connections are only allowed and you’re in the server mode. If this is not true, the connection is denied, usually with this message: ConsoleFailed. The logic of checking is the same: call gethostbyname for server name and check if it’s not equal to (more…)

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