For a long time now people have asked for a version of LaunchRDP that includes the Connection Bar. The original version was originally written for a very specific purpose and I never anticipated so many people would want to use it. But it seems that a lot of people like the Connection Bar (I hate it, especially with sessions in sessions, so that’s why I am using RDPWithLocalTaskbar).

I really wanted to do a complete rewrite of LaunchRDP and make lots of improvements, especially to the Command Line Parameters but I never found time to get that started. So I finally decided to publish an interim version with the Connection Bar instead (and thus full screen). I have moved over to Delphi 2010 so I had to make a few minor adjustments to make it compile but the downside of Delphi 2010 is that the resulting exe is much bigger (92 KB -> 306 KB).

Hope you like it. (9006 downloads)