When you request Shadow (Remote Control) of a Remote Desktop (Terminal Server) or Citrix session the user gets a Dialog where he can Accept or Deny the Shadow Request.

It looks something like this:


It’s possible to change the default settings and remove the need for this permission but I think this is a bad idea since it violates the user’s privacy.

But sometimes it would be convenient to automatically accept, for instance for when a user is away or when you want to shadow a session that is “yours” but runs under another account.

I wrote a tool to do just that 😀
It’s a commandline tool that must be run in the target session (tip: use my RunInSession tool). When you launch it, it will “listen” in a console window:


When a Shadow Request appears it is automatically Accepted and this is logged in the Console Window:


As usual have fun with it!

Shadow Accept (3057 downloads )