Today I needed to package an applications that I was told was very simple. If I hear something like that my first thought is always “hmmm”.

So I prepared a machine to build the package and followed the instructions which were to go to a specific URL and download the package (probably an ActiveX control from there).

I opened the URL and immediately got an error message:

The specified LICD is not available

The error message 0x80004005 is not very helpfull since it stands for E_FAIL (winerror.h).

However I knew that LCID stands for LocaleID so I figured the error might have something to do with language settings.

So I went to the Control Panel | Regional and Language Options and set the location to English (United States):

Regional and Language Options

So that solved the first issue since I now got a login screen and after Login the expected ActiveX control appeared:


Having dealt with similar controls before it was easy, just accept the install and goto C:\Windows\Downloaded Program Files:

Downloaded Program Files Folder

And there is our Control! If you watch this directory from a Command Prompt you can see the actual control:


The rest is easy: just copy the file to a user accessible folder (%systemroot%\system32 seems most appropriate) and register it with RegSvr32 XUpload.ocx or silently with RegSvr32 /s XUpload.ocx