Earlier today I wrote about Using the CorrectFilePaths shim to redirect an ini file to a writable location and believe it or not the next application I was working with today needed a nice shim as well.

This one was a little more complicated and that’s why I am writing a second post about it.

I am not sure if this is actuall documented somewhere but a Shim is not applied to Applications or DLL’s that reside in the system directory.

The application in question here is a Visual Basic 6 application which uses the VB6 runtime, msvbvm60.dll which resides usually in %systemroot%\system32.

We need to do two things if we want to apply the shim to msvbvm60.dll:

The first is that we need to prepend the -b switch to the CorrectFilePaths shim and the second is that we need to include the module msvbvm60.dll.

Type msvbvm60.dll in the Module name edit and press Add:


In the case of this Application, called KIP Request 7, I needed to redirect both an ini file in the Application Directory and a whole SubDirectory called Settings.

So the whole Command line for parameters is:

-b “D:\Apps\Kip\Request\WinReq.ini;H:\Windows\Kip\WinReq.ini” “D:\Apps\Kip\Request\Settings;H:\Windows\Kip\Settings”