I am doing a project involving a Citrix Xenapp environment running on VMWare vSphere.

The physical machines are powered by two Eaton Uninterruptable Power Supplies that both a network card.

I received some documentation that describes how to implement automatic shutdown in a VMWare vSphere environment.

This documentation describes that a vSphere Management Assistant (vMA) must be deployed in which we need to install some software from Eaton.

I followed the documentation that even described the needed iptables rules needed for their software.

In the last step a discovery is done and the UPS is supposed to be found. And you have probably guessed by now: it didn’t!

At first I figured that maybe the iptables configuration was still too tight so I stopped the iptables service but that didn’t help.

After some digging around I found a file debug.js:


In that file I set the line ‘enabled’ to True


Then I restarted the server (sudo service Eaton-IPP restart) and retried. Now a logfile was created named run_yyyymmdd_hhmmss.log.

In that log file I could see that it found the UPS but it resolved the name to the name of pc that at some in point time has had this address:


So I created a static IP for the UPS but if you look again in the screenshot above there are also some HTTP 503 errors which means service unavailable.

I then opened the Network settings on the UPS and changed the Read-Only Security Level from Auth No Priv:


to No Auth No Priv:


Bingo, now it worked!

After adding the UPS I could enter the username/password (default is admin/admin):