Yesterday I had some intermittent hangs on the family pc, and old Medion MD-8800 PC.

Since there was no crash and thus no crash dump, there was nothing to debug.

I suspected a hardware issue and opened the pc and I noticed that there was an enormous amount of heat.

The CPU Cooler block was very hot, so after letting it cool down for a while I took it off and the visual inspection made the problem clear:


There is a very small opening between the fan and the cooler block so it’s really a design issue but nothing the vacuum cleaner can’t fix!

On a side note: as you can see on the first picture this pc has a nice display on the front that can display time & date, current item in Media Player, e-mail notification and so on.

I reversed the software that came with the display a couple of years ago so I can put my own things on it. If you are interested in it then let me know!