After compiling the VMWare VMXNET3 Driver for Linux I needed a driver for the Windows PE Image as well.

Compared to what I needed to do for Linux this was a breeze!

First we need the VMWare tools again so I grabbed windows.iso from /vmimages/tools-isomages.

The driver files are in a cab file,, extract this cab file somewhere and open the Altiris PXE Configuration tool.

Select the Windows PE Entry and click Edit:image

Then click Edit Boot Image:


In the Boot Disk Creator right click and select Edit Configuration:image

Click Next:

Click Have Disk:

Browse to the folder where you extract the cab file, I choose the NDIS5 driver since it’s probably the most compatible version:

Select the appropriate platform and click OK:

Finish the Wizard and upload the modified image to your PXE Server and that’s really all!