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Exchange Move Mailbox Experiences Part 3

In Part 2 I showed some details about Mailbox Rule corruptions that can disturb Mailbox Moves.

For this part the topic is Mailbox size, which can be an important factor in deciding which mailboxes you want to move first.

In my case the mailbox size was important because we agreed to move smaller mailboxes during the day but larger mailboxes only outside working hours.

For Exchange 2010 mailboxes it’s very easy to obtain the size using PowerShell.


Remko Weijnen31334.87 MB (36,564,183 bytes

But how can we get the Mailbox Size for Exchange 2003 mailboxes?



Inline arrays in PowerShell

imageSometimes I want to process a list of “things” easily in PowerShell where the list is not in an external file but in the script itself.

Ideally this list would not be separated by e.g. a comma so it can be easily copy/pasted from external data sources.

Something like this:


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  • RNS 510 Startup Logo–My thoughts

    If you have read my earlier blogs about the RNS 510 then you may know I have been working on creating custom startup logo’s for some time.

    For some time now I know how the images are encoded and decoded between Windows bitmap and the native RNS 510 image format.

    Recently I identified the checksums in the image data, and the differing parameters for the Seat, Skoda and VW versions of the RNS 510 firmware.



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  • Exchange Move Mailbox Experiences Part 2

    In part 1 we saw that a corrupted rule made the Mailbox Move fail.

    I wanted to know if I had really a corrupted mailbox or maybe even corruption in the store or another problem.

    So in this part I will describe how to break down the Mailbox Move Log.

    First go to the Failed Move Request and select Properties:




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  • Exchange Move Mailbox Experiences Part 1

    Exchange Logo

    I am currently working on a migration project from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010.

    Most Exchange migration projects use Mailbox Moves to move the mailbox data to the new Exchange environment.

    imageBut there are some things I observed during Mailbox Moves (from Exchange 2003 to 2010) that are worth mentioning.



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  • RNS 510 Editor

    Work is in progress.


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  • Today I was asked to assist in troubleshooting an Oracle Client (10g) installation. The installation halted very quickly with a java.lang.NullPointerException:



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  • RNS510 firmware has new startup logo’s

    I didn’t notice it before but the new RNS 510 firmware (3810/3814/3816/3818) has a new startup logo for the Volkswagen firmwares:


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  • I am currently creating a PowerShell script that creates a user with all needed Active Directory attributes, Exchange mailbox, (TS) Home- and Profile directories and so on.

    In such a script you can easily get failures because of Active Directory replication.


    Function below can be used to check if a given Username exists in Active Directory: