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imageI wanted to know if a certain server had a Battery Backed Write Cache module (BBWC) on it’s array controller.

I suspected it did not, but I had to be sure. Since this server was running production I couldn’t open (Visual Inspection) or reboot it.

The server didn’t have Insight Agents installed so I couldn’t query it via iLO or the Insight Agents webpage either.

imageI knew that when you do a full install of the array controller bundled software it comes with a commandline tool, hpacucli.exe.


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  • Installing Dell Wireless 5530 HSPA Mini PC #2

    imageIn a Comment on my Article “Installing Dell Wireless 5530 HSPA Mini PCI“, Florian asked how to Install Dell’s R298998 driver on non authorized system and card combinations.

    I decided to have a look and downloaded this driver. The structure isn’t much different from the R251153 driver I described in my earlier post.

    When installing it on a non authorized card/laptop combination the error is similar:

    Authentification failed. The Dell Wireless HSPA Mobile Broadband Mini-Card cannot be installed on this computer. Please contact the Dell support for further information.

    When the error message appeared I looked into the temp folder and I noticed that just like before 2 folders were created (with a GUID as name). One of these folders contained the file driver_auth.exe which, as I already knew, performs the actual validation.


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  • Set homefolder permissions with PowerShell

    imageToday one of my collegues asked me to write a script that performs two actions for all users of a certain Organizational Unit:

    1. Ensure that each user has modify permissions on their homefolder
    2. Make each user visible in the Exchange Address List.

    Sounds like a PowerShell job right?

    I reused my function to set NTFS Permissions by SID:


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  • Construct AQS date range with PowerShell

    imageFor a script I needed to create an AQS (Advanced Query Syntax) Query that contained a date range.

    An example of such is a range is: date:11/05/04..11/10/04

    However we need to account for regional settings where for example the data seperator and the order of day and month may be different.

    In my example I wanted to match any data that is 30 days or older so let’s do this in PowerShell:


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