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NTVDM encountered a hard error

MS-Dos LogoToday I troubleshooted an old DOS application that needed to run on a 32 bit Citrix XenApp Server. The last time I saw an actual DOS application in a production environment must be years ago.

When starting the application, the WOW subsystem (NTVDM) crashed with the message: “NTVM encountered a hard error.”:

NTVDM encoutered a hard error

After spending some time troubleshooting I remembered a similar issue from a few years ago where a DOS application worked fine from the Console but refused to work from an RDP or ICA session.


Automatic Coming Home on Passat B7

Passat - B7I am not sure why Volkswagen has altered the behavior of the Coming Home function but on recent B6 and all B7 Passats it works differently.

Previously the Coming Home function was activated automatically either when taking out the ignition key or when leaving the car (depending on coding).

In newer B6 and all B7 models you need pull the high beam stalk towards you before leaving the car which is annoying and looks very silly.

So how can we restore the old behavior?



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  • imageI was testing a Script I wrote to launch a Citrix XenApp session using the ICA Client Object. Typical code to do this may look like this:

    On my testmachine it ran nicely but on a customer machine the script failed with the error 2312 “The Citrix online plug-in received a corrupt ICA File. The ICA File has no [ApplicationServer] section“:

    The Citrix online plug-in received a corrupt ICA File. The ICA File has no [ApplicationServer] section


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  • imageI needed to change a few settings on a McAfee VirusScan Enterprise 8.7.Oi client. However there was a password protection in place that locks the user interface and nobody around that could tell me the password. So what to do?

    Right, we check out where this password is stored and how we can get rid of it!

    I openend vsplugin.dll in Ida Pro and searched for related strings such as password, lock etc.



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  • Remember Driver Seat Heater Level

    Passat - B7On a friend’s car, a Passat B7 (3AA) the seat heaters didn’t work. So I connected to the car with VCDS to see if we could troubleshoot this.

    I opened Control Module 9, Central Electronics:

    VCDS | Select Control Module | 09 Central Electronics 

    Then went to 7 Long Coding, and it turned out that the Seat Heating was not properly coded.



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  • Read Maximum Password Age with PowerShell

    imageI needed to read out the Maximum Password age with a PowerShell script in a Windows 2003 domain.

    Reading out the maxPwdAge attribute is a trivial task  in PowerShell (I am re-using the function AdsLargeIntegerToInt64):

    In my case this returns the value -78624000000000 but how do we interpret this?


    Embedding images in HTML

    I was creating a small dialog in an .hta file and to make a little prettier for the user I included a company logo:


    But I wanted to deploy the .hta as a single file.


    Some Active Directory attributes return an 8 byte integer in the form of an IADsLargeInteger interface. An example is the pwdLastSet attribute from a user object.

    Because the IADsLargeInteger object doesn’t provide type information PowerShell cannot read the HighPart and LowPart properties.

    So I wrote the function below to get the Int64 value of an IADsLargeInteger:


    Dutch Citrix User Group Launched

    Dutch Citrix User Group LogoA while ago I was invited for a presentation at the UK Citrix User Group. I went there together with my colleague Ingmar Verheij and we had a great day there.

    I was impressed with what I say there, a community that was very much alive and with good discussions. It was clear that the UK Citrix User Group was doing very well, thumbs up for their Steering Group!

    So Ingmar and I wondered why there was no active Dutch Citrix User Group in The Netherlands. There had been an initiative in the past, the DUCUG so we decided to see if we could revive it.


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