I needed to change the drive letter assigned to the cd/dvd station from an Automation Manager project.

DVD Drive IconAlthough most systems only have one cd/dvd drive, some machines might be equipped with multiple drives.

A couple of years ago I wrote a tool called ChDrvLetter that can assign a specific drive letter to a partition given it’s volumename. In that tool I also included an option for CD/DVD drives.

Using the CDROM [Letters] parameter you can assign specific letters to the CD/DVD drives.

So let’s used this with RES Automation Manager. First create a new Resource:

RES Automation Manager | Add / Edit Resource | ChDrvLetter

After adding it, note down the GUID:

RES Automation Manager | Add / Edit Resource | ChDrvLetter | GUID

Now create a new Module:

RES Automation Manager | Add / Edit Module| Force CD/DVD to D:\

On the Tasks tab click Add, Command (Execute) and use the Command line: $Worspace{GUID} CDROM Letters:RES Automation Manager | Add / Edit Module | Execute Command | CommandLine

In my case I used the commandline “$Workspace{C9CED3CE-32C2-42BA-BDEC-1AB13DFFDF2E} CDROM DZY”.

This will assign the letter D to the first CD/DVD drive (if present), Z to the second CD/DVD drive (if present) and Y to the third CD/DVD drive (if present).