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Hibernation fails in Windows 7

A while ago my Windows 7 laptop suddenly refused to go into Hibernation. The strange thing was that the whole process of saving memory to the hibernate file seemed to work correctly. The screen would go black and there was lots of disk activity. Then after the disk activity finished the system would return to the logon screen.

A Google on this issue learned that the most likely cause was a driver preventing the system from going into hibernation. Using the cmdline “powercfg -DEVICEQUERY wake_armed” we can check if there are any devices that can wake the system. Another useful parameter is -ENERGY which generates an html report file.

But in my case this lead to nothing.


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  • Speed up Windows 7 Resume by 20%

    UPDATE: See this new article by Helge Klein.

    Recently Helge Klein wrote a blog titled How to Speed Up Your Windows 7 Boot Time by 20%. He does this by disabling the graphical animation that Windows 7 displays while booting.

    After applying this tweak I noticed that a resume from hibernation (which I do far more often than a full boot) still showed the graphical animation (and wasn’t speed up).

    So how to disable the animation while resuming?


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