Today I was troubleshooting a message that appeared when a user tries to edit a document from SharePoint on a Citrix XenApp server.

The user browsed to a word document on Sharepoint and selected “Edit in Microsoft Office Word” from the Combobox:

Edit in Microsoft Office Word

This would present the following error message to the user:

'Edit Document' requires a Windows SharePoint Services-compatible application and Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or greater.

A Google on this error message leads to Microsoft kb833714 which tells us to register OWSSUPP.DL (using RegSvr32). If you try that it will always fail with error 0x80070716 which is defined as ERROR_RESOURCE_NAME_NOT_FOUND in winerror.h.

On a machine where opening documents from SharePoint worked as expected I looked into the Internet Explorer Add-Ons an noticed “SharePointOpenDocuments” which refers to OWSSUPP.DLL:


The referenced GUID, {9F9C4924-C3F3-4459-A396-9E9E0D8B83D1} is a Class Id so I looked that up in the registry:

HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{9F9C4924-C3F3-4459-A396-9E9E0D8B83D1} | C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11\OWSSUPP.DLL

I verified that the path was correct, next step was to check the other parameters. I wrote a PowerShell script to check a bunch of machines:

Let’s check the output:

A server where it didn’t work had the TreatAs key additionally, let’s check where that Guid is going:


It leads to ProgID “SharePoint OpenDocuments”, however ProgID “SharePoint.OpenDocuments” cannot be resolved:


I removed the TreatAs key and after that it worked perfectly!