After joining a new Windows 2008 R2 Server to the domain I could not login to the domain.

I would get the following error message:

The security database on the server does not have a computer acocunt for this workstation trust relationship.

Additionally the following error was logged in the Eventlog:

Event ID 3 | Error 1787 | Error Code 0x7 | KDC_ERR_S_PRINCIPAL_UNKNOWN | A Kerberos Message was received


My guess is that the problem is related to the servicePrincipalName because in the Target Name the DNS suffix seems to be applied twice (or perhaps the UPN suffix):

Server Realm | Target Name: host/

I compared the value of the servicePrincipalName attribute with ADSI Edit to a working server but saw no differences:


I did notice that the displayName attribute was missing:

displayName missing

So I set this value with ADSI Edit but this didn’t fix my problem.

I verified and even reset the secure channel:

Verify Secure Channel | Result Secure Channel | NLTest | Netdom | Windows 2008 R2

But again no result so I removed the server from the domain and re-joined and even that had no result. I checked that the system clock was in sync with the domain (and it was).

In a last attempt I decided to rename the computer account (while still joined to the domain) after which I could logon the domain.

I renamed the computer account back to it’s original name and… the error was back!

By now I REALLY wanted to know what was going on so I wrote a PowerShell script to search Active Directory for this server’s SPN:

I ran the script with my SPN and I got back two results:

I got back two results which means there is a duplicate:

Duplicate Service Principal Names

I openend the account Svc-Pvs in ADSI Edit:

Duplicate servicePrincipalNames

I have no clue why the PVS Service Account has the SPN’s of two (old) PVS servers (which names are re-used). If someone has an idea why, I would love to know!

I removed all four SPN’s and I was immediately able to logon to the Domain on my server!