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Timestamp column in iOS SQLite database

I was researching a database from an iOS app called <appname>.sqlite. From the filename it was obvious that we were dealing with an SQLite database.

I opened the database with SQLite Database Browser and the table I looked at has datetime values which are expressed in the TIMESTAMP data format in SQLite:


SQLite documentation indicates that the TIMESTAMP format is based on unix time: the number of seconds elapsed since 01-01-1970 in UTC time.


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  • Activate XDS with VCDS on Passat B7

    XDSXDS is an electronic differential lock, which was developed for the Golf GTI. But later on it was introduced as an option for other cars.

    XDS is an advanced electronic differential lock, linked to the ESP system.

    In moments of fast cornering XDS gives out exactly the right amount of power, providing pressure on the inside wheel to prevent wheel spinning. The result is better traction and a reduction of any tendency to under steer.

    Golf mk6
    On the Golf mk 6 it’s possible to activate XDS with VCDS by going to control module 03, ABS Brakes, then 10, Adaptation.

    Channel 36 controls XDS which can be set to:

    0 – default
    1 – weak
    2 – strong

    Skoda Octavia II
    It’s also possible on other cars, for instance the Skoda Octavia II where it can be coded in module 03, ABS Brakes, 07 Long Coding, Byte 17, Bit 3.

    Passat B7
    I wanted to know how to activate this on a Passat B7, but searching with google returned nothing.


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  • Decrypting Dell vWorkspace .pit files

    The Dell vWorkspace (previously Quest vWorkspace) Client can save a connection to a .pit file which is very similar to an .rdp file with one big difference: it is encrypted!

    I am not sure why Dell/Quest have chosen to encrypt their files but a while ago I needed to know what was in a particular pit file so I could troubleshoot an issue.

    I first created a test .pit file with the client (pntsc.exe version 7.6.305.791).



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  • RC4 Encryption in PowerShell

    For an upcoming blog post I needed to decrypt some data using the rc4 algorithm. I wanted to do this with PowerShell but sadly PowerShell and the .NET framework have no functions for it.


    So I needed to implement it (download at the bottom of the post):


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  • For an upcoming Blog post I needed to convert a Byte Array to a Hex string in PowerShell and vice versa.

    PowerShell doesn’t come with HexToBin or BinToHex functions so here’s my attempt at it:


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