Twitter has opened access to Analytics for all users. However when you use an Ad Blocker, like Adblock Plus, you’ll get the following error:

A problem occurred while loading the page. To use this site, you need to disable AdBlock or any other ads-blocking extension you are using, or customize it to show ads on this site

For Adblock Plus you can fix this by adding a filter: go to Filter Preferences and on the "Custom filters" tab add a new filter within a filter group (or create a filter group for this rule).

Use this as a filter rule:



And don’t forget to Enable the rule!

EDIT: Twitter user @Ertraeglichkeit mentioned a different method:


To understand how this works it’s good to know how adblocker detection roughly works, see here for a good explanation.

To implement this in AdBlock Plus use the following filter rule:

Or install the "Element Hiding Helper" for AdBlock Plus then open the Twitter Analytics Page and choose the "Select an element to hide" option:

AdBlock Plus menu | Select an element to hide

Move the mouse around until the red rectangle is around the complete page (because that’s what’s being hidden with the overlay:

Element Hiding Helper Screenshot

In the bottom left corner you can see the html element that is selected. Press the S key to select the object and the rule is composed:

Compose element hiding rule Dialog