There has long been a debate about how to accurately view the size of your Citrix Provisioning Services ram cache size. SO much so that even Citrix clarified on how to view this detail using yet another tool

The thing is, this is all fine and well, but it’s a bit of a pig to actually get this data when you need it, or in an automated way. Wouldn’t it be better if we could have something easier?

Lately, Andrew Morgan and I decided to sit down and create an easy to use, Windows performance counter for the key metrics in a PVS cache and provide them to the community for use.

These counters turned out to be fascinating, as they really show how the cache works.

Our latest counters (which can be downloaded below) provide the following counters for easy access:

Performance Monitor

  • PVS Ram cache size (MB)
  • PVS metadata size (MB)
  • PVS Write Cache VHD disk size (MB)
  • PVS Ram Cache Percent used. *

  • * As there is no accurate way to detect how much ram is assigned to cache via Citrix Provisioning services, this value must be provided or this performance counter is missing.