If you try to enable “Developer mode” on the VW Discover Pro navigation with VCDS you will get the following error: “Request out of range:”

VCDS | Discover Pro | Adaptation | Developer Mode | Request out of range

This happens because VCDS uses a type 0x02 (Programming) session but this adaptation needs type 0x4F (Developer) session.

Ross-Tech has just released a new Beta Version 16.5.0 that enables a switch to Developer session.


Here’s how it works: Go to Control Module 5F-Information Electronics and click Security Access, then use code S12345:

Secuirty Access S12345

Select Channel “Developer mode” and set New value to “activated”:

Developer Mode

Click “Do it” and you should get “Controller accepted the request”:

Controller accepted the request. Will now read the channel again

Followed by success!

Developer Mode|Activated