When I started this blog in 2007 (wow that’s almost 10 years ago) I went for a cheap web hoster with a reasonable performance to host it.

In the beginning performance was acceptable but over the years it has degraded and of course user experience standards have changed.

I decided it was time to do something about it so I’ve moved the blog from a shared platform to my own server.

This server is running on optimized flash storage  where most writes are DeDuplicated and never actually hits the flash disks:


It was a fun experience to optimize the webserver (NGINX) and WordPress for performance resulting in a PageSpeed index of 93:

www.remkoweijnen.nl pagespeed 93/100

For the people with eye for detail: there are still improvements to be made for Mobile.

I also decided to implement SSL and move over to SSL only fronted by Citrix Netscaler (with http to https redirection).

SSL Labs Overall Rating A+

I had a lot of fun, frustations and learning on this journey so I hope this makes your stay at this blog more pleasant.

I am planning a write up to share these experience but the work isn’t finished yet so you may notice some outtages as I continue to optimize and improve!