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After changing AWS accounts I resetup my API key so I could use the AWS PowerShell CmdLets.

However even though I was sure I configured everything correctly I couldn’t call any EC2 cmdlet. More about that further below but let’s refresh how to setup an API key for PowerShell:

The procedure to do this is quite simple:

First you create an IAM user (go to Services | IAM) then in the left treeview select Users or use this direct link.

Identity and Access Management (IAM) Treeview

Click Add users or use this direct link, give the user a name and select “Access key – Programmatic access”

In the next screen select the appropriate permissions, in this screenshot I’m using AdministratorAccess but this of course means you’re giving this user the permissions to do absolutely anything.

So have a good look at the minimum permissions that you actually require.

Click Next on the Add tags screen and the Review screen should look something like this:

On the next screen you will get the Access key ID and the Secret access key. Note that this is the only time you will get to see the Secret access key so use the copy button or Download the .csv file (but delete it from disk when you’re done of course).


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  • Ubuntu crash when pasting files from VMware

    It’s been a while since I last wrote a post but it does feel good so I’m expecting to pick up blogging in a more regular cadence soon!

    This one is a quicky though, as I had an annoying issue with Ubuntu 22.04 VM’s running on VMware workstation.

    Every time I attempted to paste a (larger) file from the host it would crash Ubuntu’s File Explorer (Nautilus):

    Nautilus (Ubuntu's File Explorer) crashes when pasting a file from a VMware host

    click video above to play

    Fortunately I found a workaround:


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