It’s been a little while since I had a “nice” application problem to blog about. It’s weird but I actually enjoy looking into those issues, well probably means I’m weird which is probably right.

I use a Virtual Desktop as my primary work desktop since my day 1 at work (and all the day 1’s after).

I like it because of the flexibility it gives me to work on any device and I also feel it’s that “drinking your own Champagne” is the very best way to really see if something is good!

Today I needed to write some notes and I wanted to use Quip for that but I’ve been having intermittent issues with the Quip Desktop app. I would launch and simple show a white screen with a stalled busy indicator.


Like most persons do, I ignored it and continued in the browser version for a while but as I don’t really like to have applications in a browser (hidden between 104 other tabs) I decided I would no longer “take” this and dived into it.