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Some Active Directory attributes return an 8 byte integer in the form of an IADsLargeInteger interface. An example is the pwdLastSet attribute from a user object.

Because the IADsLargeInteger object doesn’t provide type information PowerShell cannot read the HighPart and LowPart properties.

So I wrote the function below to get the Int64 value of an IADsLargeInteger:

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Dutch Citrix User Group LogoA while ago I was invited for a presentation at the UK Citrix User Group. I went there together with my colleague Ingmar Verheij and we had a great day there.

I was impressed with what I say there, a community that was very much alive and with good discussions. It was clear that the UK Citrix User Group was doing very well, thumbs up for their Steering Group!

So Ingmar and I wondered why there was no active Dutch Citrix User Group in The Netherlands. There had been an initiative in the past, the DUCUG so we decided to see if we could revive it.

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    imageI wanted to know if a certain server had a Battery Backed Write Cache module (BBWC) on it’s array controller.

    I suspected it did not, but I had to be sure. Since this server was running production I couldn’t open (Visual Inspection) or reboot it.

    The server didn’t have Insight Agents installed so I couldn’t query it via iLO or the Insight Agents webpage either.

    imageI knew that when you do a full install of the array controller bundled software it comes with a commandline tool, hpacucli.exe.

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    imageIn a Comment on my Article “Installing Dell Wireless 5530 HSPA Mini PCI“, Florian asked how to Install Dell’s R298998 driver on non authorized system and card combinations.

    I decided to have a look and downloaded this driver. The structure isn’t much different from the R251153 driver I described in my earlier post.

    When installing it on a non authorized card/laptop combination the error is similar:

    Authentification failed. The Dell Wireless HSPA Mobile Broadband Mini-Card cannot be installed on this computer. Please contact the Dell support for further information.

    When the error message appeared I looked into the temp folder and I noticed that just like before 2 folders were created (with a GUID as name). One of these folders contained the file driver_auth.exe which, as I already knew, performs the actual validation.

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    imageToday one of my collegues asked me to write a script that performs two actions for all users of a certain Organizational Unit:

    1. Ensure that each user has modify permissions on their homefolder
    2. Make each user visible in the Exchange Address List.

    Sounds like a PowerShell job right?

    I reused my function to set NTFS Permissions by SID:

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    imageFor a script I needed to create an AQS (Advanced Query Syntax) Query that contained a date range.

    An example of such is a range is: date:11/05/04..11/10/04

    However we need to account for regional settings where for example the data seperator and the order of day and month may be different.

    In my example I wanted to match any data that is 30 days or older so let’s do this in PowerShell:

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    imageYesterday I needed to set a few registry keys remotely from a 32 bit windows machine to a 64 bit machine.

    I used reg.exe to set the key but even though it returned success the key wasn’t altered.

    As I suspected the key was written to the Wow6432Node. In the help I couldn’t find any switch to force reg.exe to use the 64-bit view.

    On a 64 bit machine this is not a problem since both 32- and 64 bit versions of reg.exe exists. The 32 bit version of reg.exe defaults to the 32 bit view and the 64 bit version defaults to the 64 bit view.

    But luckily reg.exe has a switch (that is not listed in the help) to force the View:


    SNAGHTML1aaf7885In Windows 7 and 2008 R2 all IP Addresses are by default registered in DNS.

    If you don’t want certain IP addresses to appear in DNS you can alter this behavior with Netsh using the skipassource flag.

    Use the following syntax to add an additional IP Address with skipassource flag:

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    I came across an interesting tool today called Binwalk.
    Binwalk is a firmware analysis tool that scans a given binary file for embedded files and executable code.


    Binwalk requires a Linux machine, I used the Backtrack VM I used from my article about WEP keys.

    Note there is no binary distribution of Binwalk so you will need to compile it but this is a breeze.

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    imageAnother interesting Move Mailbox error and in this case I am really unsure how this would be possible!

    Let’s look at the Move Mailbox log:

    This error occurs because of a size constraint just like the one in the previous part.

    imageBut the strange part is that it seems to be a PST file (type IPM.Document.PSTFile) located in the Root folder of the Exchange mailbox (which is not possible AFAIK).


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