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Track who created the TreatAs registry key

imageLast week I wrote about an error message the users received when opening documents from SharePoint.

The article showed how to fix the problem but it didn’t feel good that I didn’t know where this “TreatAs” value was coming from.

I figured that I could read the timestamp key from the registry to see at what/date time the value was created. This value can be read using the RegQueryInfoKey API but there are various tools that can read it.


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  • From a script I needed to schedule a project in RES Automation Manager 2011 for a particular server.

    imageThis can be done with the WMC.exe commandline tool as documented in the Admin Guide. However we must specify the agent’s GUID instead of it’s name. We can of course use the AM console to get the agent’s GUID but it’s more flexible to script this.

    imageUnfortunately there’s no API we can call so I am directly quering the AM database using a PowerShell script.

    The script read the database server and database name from the registry so it assumes you have the AM console installed.


    I needed to change the drive letter assigned to the cd/dvd station from an Automation Manager project.

    DVD Drive IconAlthough most systems only have one cd/dvd drive, some machines might be equipped with multiple drives.

    A couple of years ago I wrote a tool called ChDrvLetter that can assign a specific drive letter to a partition given it’s volumename. In that tool I also included an option for CD/DVD drives.

    Using the CDROM [Letters] parameter you can assign specific letters to the CD/DVD drives.


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