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Exchange Move Mailbox Experiences Part 5

imageAnother interesting Move Mailbox error and in this case I am really unsure how this would be possible!

Let’s look at the Move Mailbox log:

This error occurs because of a size constraint just like the one in the previous part.

imageBut the strange part is that it seems to be a PST file (type IPM.Document.PSTFile) located in the Root folder of the Exchange mailbox (which is not possible AFAIK).



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  • Exchange Move Mailbox Experiences Part 4

    The previous part (part 3) addressed Mailbox Size but did you know that even Message Size (or rather Item size) can prevent a successful move as well?

    Here’s an example move mailbox log:

    As you can see in the log this mailbox there is one item with a size of 72 MegaBytes.

    Let’s see this in Outlook:


    It gets even worse when we open the Message:


    It was addresses to several internal recipients and as you know Exchange 2010 no longer supports Single Instance Storage.

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  • Exchange Move Mailbox Experiences Part 3

    In Part 2 I showed some details about Mailbox Rule corruptions that can disturb Mailbox Moves.

    For this part the topic is Mailbox size, which can be an important factor in deciding which mailboxes you want to move first.

    In my case the mailbox size was important because we agreed to move smaller mailboxes during the day but larger mailboxes only outside working hours.

    For Exchange 2010 mailboxes it’s very easy to obtain the size using PowerShell.


    Remko Weijnen31334.87 MB (36,564,183 bytes

    But how can we get the Mailbox Size for Exchange 2003 mailboxes?