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Yesterday I was working with an Excel document that contained Combobox form controls.

I wanted to count the number of cells containing a particular value using the COUNTIF formula. However the count returned 0 because the LinkedCell property of the Combobox was not set to the Cell that contained the Combobox.

To set the LinkedCell Ctrl-Click the Combobox to select it, right-click and select Format Control. Then set the correct Cell in the Cell link field:


My sheet contained about 150 Comboboxes, so obviously I was going to do this using a script. I couldn’t find anything useful with Google so I wrote my own Macro.


Office 2010 very slow when ThinApped

imageThis blog is about an issue with VMware ThinApp and Office 2010 I discovered a while ago.

Customer is using Office 2003 natively on a Citrix XenApp 5 environment. Some users had a business need for Office 2010, therefore a ThinApp with Office 2010 was created (this customer uses ThinApp for App-Virt).

To make the picture complete: Thinapp version is 4.7.2-771812 and Office version is 2010 SP1 (14.0.6024.1000) .

imageUsers complained that Office 2010 was very slow. Most noticeable was Outlook 2010 which was completely unusable.

Outlook startup time was minutes rather than seconds and while starting it seemed to delay on loading profile.

When Outlook was finally started, switching between folders and layouts felt really sluggish.

For example when switching from Calendar to Inbox took a few seconds, after which it would take almost 20 seconds for the e-mails to show. Switching between e-mail would take 2-3 seconds to display the contents in the reading pane.


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  • Excel 2010 multi-threaded calculation

    Excel 2007 IconI was just browsing through the Options tab in Excel 2010 when I noticed the following setting:



    This feature was introduced in Excel 2007.
    In the default settings, multi-threaded calculation is Enabled with "Use all processors on this computer".

    On a physical desktop this would be the preferred setting since it will make formula calculation as fast as possible.


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  • Office 2010 cannot remove registry key

    I have worked with Office 2010 x64 for a while now but because of compatibility issues I wanted to remove it and install the x86 version instead.

    After uninstall Office left a key in the registry:


    I couldn’t remove it so I figured there was a specific process that had opened this key but couldn’t find anything (using Process Explorer).

    Then I checked the permissions on the Office key but it was set to Full Control for Administrators.

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