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Within half an hour of writing the article "Application causes Screen Flickering in Citrix XenApp Session" I got a message that the hotfix in that article also fixes a similar problem in PowerPoint 2010.

Office 2010 uses hardware acceleration for displaying images and when this is enabled (which is the default) you will see constant screen flicker when you try to display a presentation with Images on Citrix XenApp (Server 2003):

Screen Flickering when running WPF Applications on Citrix XenApp



Renaming and hiding object in PowerPoint

I was working on a PowerPoint presentation that included screenshots that were using the Appear animation. I use it to only show a particular screenshot when I am actually talking about it.

However when editing the slide, the screenshots hide the slide text which makes it difficult to edit it.

And in the Animation Pane the pictures are shown as Picture1, Picture2 etc.


So I wanted two things;

  1. Rename the object to a more meaningfull name in the Animation Pane
  2. Hide the screenshots when I want to edit the text in the slide.



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  • I started using the i-Clickr PowerPoint Remote iPhone App for my presentations recently. I like this app as it shows me the current (or next slide), annations and previous/next buttons:




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