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RNS 315: Enable the hidden bluetooth carkit

The Volkswagen RNS 315 Navigation has a builtin Bluetooth carkit which is disabled by default. I am not sure why, I presume this is done because VW also sells carkits that integrate into the MFD.

The builtin carkit can be enabled using VCDS like this:



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  • RNS 315 Enable Developer Mode

    I recently had some time to play with VCDS and a friend’s RNS 315 navigation. By default there is no test mode or hidden menu with extra features like on some other Volkswagen systems.

    Using VCDS we can however (temporarily) enable the Developer mode.



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  • RNS 510 Checksum Calculator

    About a year ago I wrote a checksum calculator for the Volkswagen RNS 510 navigation unit.

    The checksum is a variant on Crc16 and is present either at the end of certain files (eg #CRC16:db1d) or as a special file with the name CRC.16.

    The tool is a little exe that takes the filename as the only parameter.


    Have fun with it!

    RNS 510 Checksum Calculator (3295 downloads)
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