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If you try to enable “Developer mode” on the VW Discover Pro navigation with VCDS you will get the following error: “Request out of range:”

VCDS | Discover Pro | Adaptation | Developer Mode | Request out of range

This happens because VCDS uses a type 0x02 (Programming) session but this adaptation needs type 0x4F (Developer) session.


Change OPS picture with VCDS

This time a car topic: using VCDS you can change the picture that it’s shown on the navigation headunit to match your car.

In my case it’s a VW Passat Variant B7/3AA and it can be coded with VCDS:

Open Module 76 – Park Assist:

Electronics 1 | 76 - Park Assist

Then select Coding – 07 and enable Bit 4 of Byte 0 (with correct labels you can Enable "Optical Illustration active"):

Optical Illustration Active

Then goto Byte 2 and select the correct Model:

02 Model: VW Passat Variant

Now it’s correct:

Rijweg controleren!

VW RNS 510 Navigation Startup Pictures

A while ago I started exploring the firmware of an RNS510 Navigation unit. The RNS510 is an OEM navigation system, manufactured by Continental Automotive and is used in several models of Volkswagen, Seat and Skoda Cars

When the units is booting it shows a startup logo and I wanted to replace this logo with my own picture.



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