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Citrix NetScaler LogoRecently I switched over my blog from a hoster to a self hosted VM. In my setup I am using Citrix NetScaler as a reverse proxy.

Simular to when you’re using a 3rd party reverse proxy such as CloudFlare you will see the IP address from the reverse proxy instead of the actual Client IP Address on your webserver.

This means that your logging will all show the same, internal, IP address and that IP Based Access Rules will not work.

Fortunately this is easy to solve by having NetScaler add the Client IP Address in the headers and rewriting the address on your webserver.


Blog improvements

When I started this blog in 2007 (wow that’s almost 10 years ago) I went for a cheap web hoster with a reasonable performance to host it.

In the beginning performance was acceptable but over the years it has degraded and of course user experience standards have changed.

I decided it was time to do something about it so I’ve moved the blog from a shared platform to my own server.

This server is running on optimized flash storage  where most writes are DeDuplicated and never actually hits the flash disks:



Cannot redeclare class Snoopy

After installing a new Plugin in WordPress called Native Apps Builder I got the following error when I tried to go to the Plugin’s settings:

imageFatal error: Cannot redeclare class Snoopy in www/blog/wp-content/plugins/native-apps-builder/appsbuilderapi.php on line 34

This error is caused because a class named "Snoopy" is being declared twice. I figured that two plugins were incompatible with each other so I first needed to know which ones.


WordPress and the Cookie Monster

Cookie MonsterAs you are probably aware the EU has made legislation regarding the use of cookies on websites. This new legislation is active since May 2012.

The Dutch government has also issued legislation in the Telecommunications LAW which states that you must ask the user for permissions before server out cooking. Unless these cookies are necessary for the correct technical working of the website or service. This leaves some grey areas but for instance using Google Analytics is a clear case of a situation where opt-in is required.

Although I am not using Google Analytics I wanted to check what cookies my own blog was serving out and if it was necessary to ask for an opt-in.



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  • I have used the WP-Postviews WordPress plugin for a while to keep track of the number of times my blog posts are being read.

    But after installing the W3 Total Cache plugin I noticed that the read counters weren’t properly updated anymore. I figured this was a consequence of using a cache.


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  • Post Ratings Rant

    On my blog I offer visitors the options to rate the articles I write using either thumbs up/down or a 1-10 star rating.

    I am interested in what content my readers like so these ratings (and of course comments you leave) indicate what kind of articles you like and which you don’t.

    However some people feel the need to abuse this, take a look at this:




    WordPress redirects to wp-admin/install.php

    My blog has been down for a short period, if you tried to open WordPress would redirect to wp-admin.install.php and you would see this message:


    I suspected it was a database problem so I went to phpMyAdmin and did a check on all tables:


    Even though MySQL reported all tables to be okay, I tried to repair the wp_options table since this is a common issue with WordPress and indeed this fixed the problem!