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If you try to enable “Developer mode” on the VW Discover Pro navigation with VCDS you will get the following error: “Request out of range:”

VCDS | Discover Pro | Adaptation | Developer Mode | Request out of range

This happens because VCDS uses a type 0x02 (Programming) session but this adaptation needs type 0x4F (Developer) session.


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  • Activate XDS with VCDS on Passat B7

    XDSXDS is an electronic differential lock, which was developed for the Golf GTI. But later on it was introduced as an option for other cars.

    XDS is an advanced electronic differential lock, linked to the ESP system.

    In moments of fast cornering XDS gives out exactly the right amount of power, providing pressure on the inside wheel to prevent wheel spinning. The result is better traction and a reduction of any tendency to under steer.

    Golf mk6
    On the Golf mk 6 it’s possible to activate XDS with VCDS by going to control module 03, ABS Brakes, then 10, Adaptation.

    Channel 36 controls XDS which can be set to:

    0 – default
    1 – weak
    2 – strong

    Skoda Octavia II
    It’s also possible on other cars, for instance the Skoda Octavia II where it can be coded in module 03, ABS Brakes, 07 Long Coding, Byte 17, Bit 3.

    Passat B7
    I wanted to know how to activate this on a Passat B7, but searching with google returned nothing.


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  • Change OPS picture with VCDS

    This time a car topic: using VCDS you can change the picture that it’s shown on the navigation headunit to match your car.

    In my case it’s a VW Passat Variant B7/3AA and it can be coded with VCDS:

    Open Module 76 – Park Assist:

    Electronics 1 | 76 - Park Assist

    Then select Coding – 07 and enable Bit 4 of Byte 0 (with correct labels you can Enable "Optical Illustration active"):

    Optical Illustration Active

    Then goto Byte 2 and select the correct Model:

    02 Model: VW Passat Variant

    Now it’s correct:

    Rijweg controleren!

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  • Automatic Coming Home on Passat B7

    Passat - B7I am not sure why Volkswagen has altered the behavior of the Coming Home function but on recent B6 and all B7 Passats it works differently.

    Previously the Coming Home function was activated automatically either when taking out the ignition key or when leaving the car (depending on coding).

    In newer B6 and all B7 models you need pull the high beam stalk towards you before leaving the car which is annoying and looks very silly.

    So how can we restore the old behavior?



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  • Remember Driver Seat Heater Level

    Passat - B7On a friend’s car, a Passat B7 (3AA) the seat heaters didn’t work. So I connected to the car with VCDS to see if we could troubleshoot this.

    I opened Control Module 9, Central Electronics:

    VCDS | Select Control Module | 09 Central Electronics 

    Then went to 7 Long Coding, and it turned out that the Seat Heating was not properly coded.



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