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Analysing binaries with Binwalk

I came across an interesting tool today called Binwalk.
Binwalk is a firmware analysis tool that scans a given binary file for embedded files and executable code.


Binwalk requires a Linux machine, I used the Backtrack VM I used from my article about WEP keys.

Note there is no binary distribution of Binwalk so you will need to compile it but this is a breeze.


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  • RNS 510 Startup Logo–My thoughts

    If you have read my earlier blogs about the RNS 510 then you may know I have been working on creating custom startup logo’s for some time.

    For some time now I know how the images are encoded and decoded between Windows bitmap and the native RNS 510 image format.

    Recently I identified the checksums in the image data, and the differing parameters for the Seat, Skoda and VW versions of the RNS 510 firmware.



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  • RNS 510 Editor

    Work is in progress.


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  • RNS 510 Checksum Calculator

    About a year ago I wrote a checksum calculator for the Volkswagen RNS 510 navigation unit.

    The checksum is a variant on Crc16 and is present either at the end of certain files (eg #CRC16:db1d) or as a special file with the name CRC.16.

    The tool is a little exe that takes the filename as the only parameter.


    Have fun with it!

    RNS 510 Checksum Calculator (4232 downloads)
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