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Quip hangs with waiting cursor

It’s been a little while since I had a “nice” application problem to blog about. It’s weird but I actually enjoy looking into those issues, well probably means I’m weird which is probably right.

I use a Virtual Desktop as my primary work desktop since my day 1 at work (and all the day 1’s after).

I like it because of the flexibility it gives me to work on any device and I also feel it’s that “drinking your own Champagne” is the very best way to really see if something is good!

Today I needed to write some notes and I wanted to use Quip for that but I’ve been having intermittent issues with the Quip Desktop app. I would launch and simple show a white screen with a stalled busy indicator.


Like most persons do, I ignored it and continued in the browser version for a while but as I don’t really like to have applications in a browser (hidden between 104 other tabs) I decided I would no longer “take” this and dived into it.

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  • Modifying a .NET Application

    I will explain why in a seperate post, but on my MacBook Pro I wanted to use the Intel Thunderbolt driver under BootCamp instead of the ones supplied by Apple.

    The Thunderbolt control program however refused with the following error message:

    This application is not supported on Boot Camp. (Thunderbolt devices and networking will work correctly.)

    It’s really beyond me why Intel would deliberately block their Thunderbolt software on Apple hardware (under Windows). Believing this was just a simple hardcoded hardware check rather than any hardware issue that would prevent the drivers to work I proceeded into finding where the check takes place.



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  • Returning a string from unmanaged dll to .net

    I write most of my code in unmanaged languages such as Delphi and C/C++. Sometimes customers ask me to interface my code to their .net code in which case I create a dll for them.

    A recurring thing is that I need to return string to .net.

    There are many ways to do this of course but in all cases we need to manage memory: who will allocate the memory for the string and who is responsible for freeing it?


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  • Making String.IndexOf case insensitive

    I don’t do much programming in .NET based languages but I have to for some things like the Windows Live Writer plugin I am creating.

    I didn’t expect this but the String.IndexOf Method is by default case sensitive.

    But we can make it case insensitive if we use one of the overloads: IndexOf(String, StringComparison).


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