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Post Ratings Rant

On my blog I offer visitors the options to rate the articles I write using either thumbs up/down or a 1-10 star rating.

I am interested in what content my readers like so these ratings (and of course comments you leave) indicate what kind of articles you like and which you don’t.

However some people feel the need to abuse this, take a look at this:




WordPress redirects to wp-admin/install.php

My blog has been down for a short period, if you tried to open WordPress would redirect to wp-admin.install.php and you would see this message:


I suspected it was a database problem so I went to phpMyAdmin and did a check on all tables:


Even though MySQL reported all tables to be okay, I tried to repair the wp_options table since this is a common issue with WordPress and indeed this fixed the problem!

International Karate+

A few weeks ago I turned on my old Commodore Amiga A1200 which had been stored for 15 years or so.

The idea was that my kids can use it as a game computer but tonight I couldn’t resist and I played some of the old games.

Do you remember International Karate+?


It’s still a very nice game to play with excellent gameplay even though it seems that my Suzo Arcade joystick has had it’s best time (Luckily I have a 2nd one somewhere but I can’t find it).

I also noticed there is an online flash based clone of International Karate+.

It’s not’s as good as the real thing especially in the gameplay but it’s done very well.

Change Driveletter Commandline Tool

Some time ago (2008 actually) I wrote a tool that can assign driveletters given a volumename. I use it myself after SysPrep operations to assign the desired drive letters. For instance after cloning a Virtual Machine from a template.

I noticed that I updated this tool sometime after the original post but never uploaded it here. The most important changes are:


Again a note that is mainly for myself since I tend to forget these kind of things and always spend much time to look it up…

Default settings for the HP 8/20q FC SAN Switch are:

username: admin
password: password
default ip:

HP Simple SAN Connection Manager (SSCM)

If you are looking for the HP Simple SAN Connection Manager Software (aka HP SSCM) then you’ve come to the right place. HP seems to be really good at hiding their software on the web but I found it.

Go to and user the following credentials to access:

username: SSCM_3X_KIOSK
password: s3*S#M1$

Then you can download by clicking Receive for Free.

EDIT: I also found a direct link on HP’s FTP Server

Just a reminder to Self for future reference, the default credentials for HP Storageworks P2000 (G3) are:


username: manage
password: !manage


Just a quicky, I am little excited because my certifications are going well.

Last month I passed the final exam for MCITP Enterprise Administrator and a few minutes agoI got a mail from Citrix confirming that I passed the beta exam for XenApp 6 which means I am certified (CCA for XenApp 6).

I may now call myself: MCITP Enterprise Administrator, MCSE and MCSA + Messaging, MCDBA and CCA 😛

Rad Studio XE has been released

RAD Studio XE has (just?) been released, see

Rating and contact options

I have installed a new rating plugin that gives you, my readers, a convenient and fast method to give feedback. So please do so, let me know what posts you find interesting!

I have also added a Contact form in case you have any questions, article suggestions or maybe even consultation requests. The contact page is an attempt to streamline the e-mails I get from this blog so I hope this will work 🙂