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A new website (blog) was opened for the Jedi Apilib and Jedi Security Library. I invite you all to take a look!

You can find it here


Today I received an e-mail from Softpedia telling me that they have listed one of my commandline tools, LaunchRDP. I don’t know how they found or why they think that it should be listed, but it’s nice to see that they respect the author and informed me. If you want to rate it, here’s your chance!

IDA 4.9 released as freeware

Datarescue has release IDA 4.9 as freeware. IDA Pro is the de-facto standard for the analysis of hostile code, vulnerability research and reverse engineering in general. You can find IDA freeware here:

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  • I was contact by Danila Galimov a while ago because he was working with my JwaWinsta unit. Together we were able (and are still working on) uncovering more of the undocumented API’s in winsta.dll.

     We found several new classes for WinStationQueryInformationW that return lots of information:

    • The user’s password (under special circumstances).
    • The Windows Product ID (server and client’s).
    • Client Info such as Timezone information.

    We got the following API’s working:

    • WinStationGetAllProcesses
    • WinStationGetTermSrvCountersValue (“QWinsta /Counter”)
    • WinStationFreeGAPMemory
    • WinStationSendMessage
    • WinStationCloseServer
    • WinStationDisconnect
    • WinStationReset
    • WinStationShutdownSystem

    Further testing is needed to determine if the functions work on different OS versions and produce the same results.

    Multiple Terminal Sessions in Windows Vista

    There were 2 ways (known to me) of extending Windows XP to offer mulitple concurrent Terminal Sessions. One with the RC1 version of XP SP2 and one that patches Winlogon and Termsrv.dll. The latter offers not only multiple sessions but also multiple sessions under the same account and sessions to the local machine.

    Seems like the someone hacked Windows Vista Terminal server too by patching Termsrv.dll. Read more at source.

    Post Views

    I was curious how many times my posts are viewed. So I installed this plugin which was made by Lester ‘GaMerZ’ Chan. If you use WordPress take a look at his other plugins, there are some good ones there!

    Dear Visitor

    If this is your first visit, take your time and look around. Here are some things you might be looking for:

    Do you like my work? Did my work help you?

    • Leave a comment and tell me how it was usefull to you.
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    Thank you!

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  • Google adds IMAP support to GMail

    Google has added imap support to GMail. This means you can use an e-mail client like Outlook (Express) to read your mail but you don’t have to download and store them locally. Read more here. The Storage Limit has been raised to 4 GB (at time of writing 4569 MB)