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Case of the Crashing Task Scheduler

Recently I installed a new Windows 10 machine (version 1709 aka Fall Creators Update).

After a while I noticed a problem with the Task Scheduler: when I wanted to open the “Schedule Tasks” option from settings I received the following error message:

The remote computer was not found.

The Task Scheduler MMC snapin was empty:

Task Scheduler (Local) | Empty


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  • How to remove Windows.old folder

    Just a very quick note here (mostly a note to self) but I had a couple of folder from previous Windows 10 installations named Windows.old Windows.old(1), Windows.old(2) etc.

    These folders should be removed when you use Disk Cleanup and select the “Remove previous Windows Installation(s)” option.


    However I already did that and for some reasons a subfolder named C:\Windows.old\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.Windows.Cortana_cw
    couldn’t be deleted and therefore the parent folder couldn’t be deleted.

    I couldn’t delete them with Windows Explorer nor via the cmd prompt or PowerShell. Then I tried to use the \\? prefix and that worked:


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